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Given the high demand of visitors who want to walk in the mountains of the park, it has become necessary to establish restrictions to protect the facilities of each campsite, in order to protect the natural resources of the park. In order to spend the night in the campsites and refugios (shelters) it is OBLIGATORY to have a reservation. If you are planning to walk on the W trail or Circuit Macizo Paine follow the following recommendations. 

  1. Plan well your vacation and clearly define the dates the you plan to be in the park and your itinerary with exact dates for each campsite. If you have concerns consult the section "planifique su viaje" on the website There you can download the official map to know the approximate time you need to get from campsite to campsite. 
  2. According to the itinerary of the trails you need to reserve more than one campsite. This reservation system is only for the free CONAF campsites. To make reservations for other private campsites and refugios (shelters) you can consult and
  3. If you do not make reservations for all the campsites that you want to visit, you need to change your itinerary according to the reservations that you were able to make. Remember, with out reservations you can not spend the night in the refugios (shelter) or campsites. 
You do not need special reservations to enter the park. Remember that the reservations are necessary to spend the night in the campsites or refugios (shelter) not to walk on the trails. 
reservas de campamentos

Then you may reserve accommodations only for the CONAF campsites: Paso, Italiano and Torres. Those are free and therefore provide only basic services (space for the tent, bathrooms and shelter to cook). If you need a reservation for more than one night in these campsite do the process again. 

IMPORTANT: Make your reservation, you should bring a printed copy of the email that you received. This will be the document that allows you to pass through the control areas and have access to the W trail and the Circuit Macizo Paine. Also you can bring the email in your cellphone (smartphone) .


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