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In principle, all National Parks, National Monuments, National Reserves and Forest Reserves are available for carrying out research activities. However, CONAF reserves the right to establish rules, conditions and limitations both in terms of geographical area, number of people, participants and method of work, as for the season of the year and the duration of the research, when required by the good performance of the system or any of its units.

The level of complexity of the various research activities that are performed in the system is very different, which spreads authorization procedures must exist.
To conduct scientific studies into the park is needed to process in CONAF regional office in Punta Arenas.

The procedure for requesting an authorization studies in protected wilderness areas in the Region of Magallanes y Antarctica Chilena , must be made with a minimum of 20 days, in order to analyze in detail the activities to be performed, the application must be accompanied by a draft , after obtaining the resolution must be presented at the Park Administration .