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Regular Buses:

From Puerto Natales

From October to April, several bus companies perform regular daily trip from Puerto Natales to the Park with final destination in the Administration Office, Villa Monzino. The route is via Cerro Castillo.

Buses depart from the terminal bus in Puerto Natales, located in Avenida España 01455, telephone 0612410951.
Information about routes and fares is available directly from the companies offering transportation of passengers.

Buses Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine

Buses JB

Prat 258 - Puerto Natales

61 – 2412824

Buses Gómez

Prat 234 – Puerto Natales

61 – 2415700

Buses María José

Bulnes 386 – Puerto Natales

61 – 2412218

From Punta Arenas

If you are coming from Punta Arenas you have to take a bus to Puerto Natales and then take a regular bus to the Park.

The information about routes and fares is available directly from the companies offering the service.

Buses Punta Arenas – Puerto Natales

Bus Sur

José Menéndez 565 – Punta Arenas

61 – 2244464

Baquedano 668 – Puerto Natales

61 – 2411859

Buses Fernández

Armando Sanhueza 745 – Punta Arenas

61 – 2242313

Ramírez 399 – Puerto Natales

61 – 2411111

Buses Pacheco

Baquedano 500 – Puerto Natales

61 – 2414613

Return to Puerto Natales

The regular buses from Torres del Paine National Park to Puerto Natales have 2 schedules, and it is possible to take them from three different places of the park, Administration Office, Pudeto and Laguna Amarga Gate.

- Timetable 1
13:00 horas Administration Office
13:30 horas Pudeto
14:30 horas Laguna Amarga.
16:30 horas Arrival to Puerto Natales

- Timetable 2
18:30 horas Administration Office
19:00 horas Pudeto
19:45 horas Laguna Amarga.
22:00 horas Arrival to Puerto Natales

* Tariffs may be asked directly to the bus companie.